[photo credit: www.greenpeace.org] Saving Wildlife by Eating Green

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org Changing the way we live, to better our lives or the environment, is not always an easy thing to do.  Yet often times simple changes can amount to big differences. Take eating less meat, for example.  Eating less meat probably has a greater impact than changing to energy-saving light bulbs. You
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[photo credit: www.banthebottle.net] Bottling Up Efforts to Conserve Precious Water?

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org Most Americans are probably aware that California and much of the U.S. Southwest is in the grips of a major drought.  And it’s likely that people know at least something about conserving water.  Take shorter showers, don’t wash your car, water your lawn at risk of $500 fines, etc. But a
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[photo credit: ocean.si.edu] Extinguishing Extinction: Ending the Demand for Shark Fins

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org All across the planet, species are at risk, due to humankind’s voracious appetite for practically every natural “resource.” The bounty of the oceans, for example, is being decimated at an unprecedented rate, and fish stocks are near collapse. Unfortunately, some of what people (or industrial trawlers) catch is completely wasted for
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[photo credit: data.unfpa.org] Family Planning is a Smart Investment

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org. In a time of government budget cuts and austerity programs, family planning is a low-cost investment that yields big dividends.  And more importantly, it saves lives. Globally, there are 222 million women in developing counties who lack access to contraception.  Off these, 162 million women live in the world’s poorest countries.
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[photo credit: timesofindia.com] Acts of Violence Against Women: From India to the Congo to the USA

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org It’s been a horrific year for women’s rights across the globe.   Just in the past couple of months there has been the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls in Nigeria, an “honor” killing of a pregnant woman in Pakistan, the rape and hanging of two teenage girls in India, and a
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Reproductive Rights/Women's Rights

[photo credit: norcapweb.no] Ending the Pattern of Pervasive Violence Against Women

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org They are sent to protect citizens in horrific conflict and refugee conditions in countries in turmoil.  Women in these situations are incredibly vulnerable. Yet sadly, Human Rights Watch  has found that African Union (AU) peacekeepers in Somalia rape women seeking medicine on their bases and routinely pay teenage girls for sex.
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Food and Hunger

Smallholder farmer in East Africa [photo credit: Neil Palmer/CIAT] Africa and Food Security: Putting People Ahead of Profit

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org Africa is a rich continent, where the land and its people have been plundered for centuries.  Despite pockets of economic growth and improved living standards, most news from here is of conflict, poverty, environmental degradation and corruption. And it is growing. There are currently more than 1 billion people in Africa. 
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[image credit: www.footprintnetwork.org] Earth Overshoot: Are We Willing to Pay Such a High Price for the “Good Life”?

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org Global overshoot.  You’d have to be in serious denial, or living under a rock, to not realize that humanity today is living beyond planetary means.  We take so much from Earth to live our lives today. August 19th is designated as Earth Overshoot Day, the date humanity exceeds the carrying capacity
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Youth Rights

Afghan schoolgirls [photo credit: womenthrive.org] Heeding the Voice of Youth to Save Youth

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org An unsettling article in the New York Times recently highlighted how the world is failing to protect and educate youth, especially girls.  At the same time, the article underscores how important education is for adults too, in order to help them protect children. The piece – Struggling to Keep Afghan Girl
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Energy and Carbon Emissions

Tar sands, Canada.  [photo credit: extremeenergy.org] Carbon Emissions Just Keep Going Up, Up, Up

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org In 2013, the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere passed 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in modern human history. And now, in 2014, carbon levels have remained above 400 ppm for three months in a row.  This makes the past three months the first period of
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Family Planning and Women's Health

[image credit: www.pirateparty.org.uk] Corporate Rights Trump Women’s Rights

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org In this increasingly polarized country with a deeply partisan Congress, a divided Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of corporate rights (aka corporate “personhood”) over a woman’s right to use the contraception of her choice. In the long-anticipated outcome of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that family-owned
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[photo credit: www.worldwildlife.org] Gone in a Blink of an Eye?

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org There is no denying that humans are impacting the planet, and not necessarily for the good. Some people may argue this point, but one look at mountaintops blown off in Appalachia or forests cleared for palm oil production would have to elicit some acceptance of human alteration of the environment. Many
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Economics and GDP

[image credit: www.tapchitaichinh.vn] How Capitalism Stole Our Happiness

By Anjie Cai, guest youth blogger for www.howmany.org Capitalism as we know it today came into force around the early 1700s when Adam Smith laid the groundwork for the free market system in his famous book The Wealth of Nations. It quickly gave power to corporations, allowing them to control much of our lives. In
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